EMBRC-UK is dedicated to providing the best equipment and expertise to support marine science, be that fundamental, applied or research & development (R&D). All EMBRC-UK partners have a track record of working with the private sector to develop solutions and push the boundaries of new products and materials. Facilities, expertise and biological resources are all accessible for private sector users at all of our sites, either through joint partnerships for long-term projects or as a service-and-facility provider for meeting the specific demands of an R&D project. The intellectual property (IP) of our users is fully protected, with EMBRC retaining no claim to IP they are not part of developing.

EMBRC is the ideal partner when working on marine biological materials where equipment and laboratory needs are broad and wide-ranging. We offer flexible and excellent value-for-money for accessing the equipment necessary in scientific research, ranging from advanced microscopy next generation sequencing, and real-time PCR facilities, to mesocosms, disease-trial facilities, research vessels and divers.

EMBRC-UK is more than just a hardware provider. Through our European network of EMBRC partners we are the gateway to expertise and specialised facilities across the continent, from Norway to the Red Sea. Through our EU funded transnational access programmes, companies can utilise fully funded facilities in other EU countries to meet their specific needs. Through our community of Technology Transfer Officers, we can help in finding the right research partner, or that vital collaborator enabling access to a new market, technology or product in Europe.

Contact the EMBRC-UK Access Officer to explore how EMBRC can support your research